About Us

THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD is one of the leading companies in the field of freight forwarders in Vietnam. We provide complete and comprehensive services and best solutions in the field of logistics. With years of experience, currently THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD has created a lot of credibility in the market as well as the very good relationships with many partners at home and abroad, we are committed to bring to the enterprise you the best service and fastest delivery time.

The main business of THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD:

- Maritime transport (ships, international + domestic, bulk "of coal, gypsum, clinker, limestone, Slag, Sun rolls, tapioca, steel, equipment, gauge ..." and containers and equipment)

- Motorcycles container

- Barges and coastal waterway transport

- Logistics services

- Consulting multimodal transport.

- Every project

- Import and export of agricultural products

- Business Warehouse

- Provides marine equipment

- Consulting and maritime law maritime safety.

- Loading and unloading of bulk cargo, floating cranes


Striving to become a leading company providing services of customs declaration, forwarding and freight in Vietnam through the commitment to bring the highest added value for clients by high quality services, professional, reliable.


- Provide the customs declaration, forwarding and transport of goods for import and export businesses, promote commercial activities and advise on international trade

- Create & bring more added value to customers.

- Create and bring the values ​​of the spirit and the physical, personality and pride for all employees and shareholders

Business philosophy THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD:

Get the people is central to all activities of the company, create value for the enterprise development and to human social life increasingly better.


- Pursuing strategic investment in our people and systems

- Provide customs declaration & international shipping at competitive prices and high quality

- I'm the new value line, bringing more added value to customers than competitors

- Build and maintain customer service in addition to high-quality branding THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD.