Customs declaration

Customs brokerage services and services for customs declaration is made by THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD equipped training team from the foreign trade, customs and trade knowledge of foreign trade and import regulations export commodities. We are confident to serve our customers in the field of customs brokerage services, customs declaration, and the closest fast for this kind of export and import.

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Coming to THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD customers will be consulted fully and thoroughly for this kind of export and import, the preferential tax regimes best suited to each commodity. Customer benefits on the basis of records quickly and at reasonable tariffs the most.

THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD operational SSC provides customs clearance as follows:

Prepare records

Applying the tax code that best suit each item

Permits for conditional commodities

Check information tax debt

Before consulting the entire customs clearance

Customs declaration and electronic remote.

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