Barges transport waterway and coastal

THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD specializes in providing forwarding services, freight transport by barge. Transport by water means not only shorten the geographical distance, saving time delivery but also reduce freight (transport of goods by road, rail, aviation ...), Advanced competitiveness of goods for customers, especially in the economic situation of extreme market today.

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THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD team ownership in the hands of barges with different payloads along with seasoned experience in the sewing process, we are committed to ensuring absolute satisfaction as well as ensuring on-time, quality of service, flexibility at best for customers.

Transport by barge have advantages such as: Ability to meet the safe transport of goods on a large scale, to ensure the quality of goods after manufacture to the point of consumption, reducing wastage loss, reduce risk, shorten the circulation of goods, reduce costs and increase competitiveness of the enterprise.

Transportation services by barge transport of goods:

- Transportation of building materials: cement, plumbing, brick, sand, stone, steel, plaster, furniture, ...

- Transportation of agricultural products: Rice, corn, wheat, vegetables, fresh fruit, ....

- Transport of industrial production: woven fabrics, packaging, animal feed, machinery, ...

- Transportation of export and import.

- Transport of super, super important.

With a staff of trained professional, enthusiastic, energetic and responsible and is a reliable partner in the long term for everyone. Customers will feel truly secure when using our transportation services. Customer satisfaction is the expression of faith and our most prestigious.

With the motto "Prestige - Quality - Cost unbeatable". To meet the demand: reduce costs and increase profits for our customers. Contribute to raising the stature Company on freight forwarding market in the long term as well as in the future. We always consider the success of our customers is the motivation and the opportunity for us to grow.

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