Consulting multimodal transport

Services Multimodal transportation combines the efficiency between different forms of transport, transport of goods by at least two methods such as sea - aviation, aerospace - road ... or a combination of all all these methods, as appropriate, on the basis of a service contract multimodal transport from a point to a point in one country in another country designated for delivery. To ensure the fastest delivery time, reduce inventory costs and cost control.

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THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD meet shipping needs to take place (door to door) through the coordination of many different forms of transportation customers. In addition, combined with the ability to meet internal transport reputation, we have made several shipments, large projects with high demands of many multinational companies.

With a staff of experienced, enthusiastic, consultants will assist our customers can choose the kind of multimodal transportation services most appropriate formula, the fastest transit times, more affordable and ensure the safest of your goods.

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