Maritime Transport

Maritime Transport has many advantages such as low cost shipping, transporting large volumes, paintings by the collision, vibration during transport, cargo abundant type ...

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With experience in the field of transport, our company received offers for sea transport services on domestic and international routes. The set targets customer satisfaction top priority, our company not only meet the needs of freight but also gives you a friendly service and reputation.

THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD systematic International agents worldwide reputed ensure favorable for delivery, customs clearance, storage and transportation of your goods everywhere time, the fastest and most convenient. About freight We undertake all types of cargo such as coal, gypsum, clinker, limestone, Slag, Sun rolls, tapioca, steel, equipment, gauge, from the cargo as apparel, footwear, furniture, handicrafts until frozen seafood, fresh goods, dangerous goods ...

The staff of the THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD professional, experienced, dedicated, well-trained and equipped the skills to bring to our customers We professional services and performance best. Your goods will be transported from place to place receiving traffic safely and quickly with this kind of price most reasonable shipping.

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