Container truck

The development of commodity economy associated with the development of the freight and modes of transport of goods by container has played a profound impact on the freight industry.

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Reality has shown the use of container shorten transport time, ensure the safety of objects transported and transport costs to a minimum. "Container" of the freighter was directly made enormous changes in many aspects, not only in the transport sector but also in other economies. Transportation of cargo by container birth has brought huge economic benefits. So it was considered "Container" of the characteristics of scientific revolutions - 3rd technique in the field of transport.

Transporting goods by container are becoming common in the transportation sector. Technical process of sending goods by container stringent demands from packing, shipping and unloading until delivery to the consignee. Therefore, the professional grasp general freight and freight operations in particular container is essential.

THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD provides a comprehensive system services Container transportation by car, organize, layout, inland transportation, maintenance, repair and rental of containers.

By diverse fleet sizes, the company is pioneering companies in the field of container transport, THANH DAT SSC CO.,LTD have specialized transport vehicle capable of transporting containers flexibility from ports such as Tan Saigon port, Cat Lai port ... to all provinces and cities nationwide and transport for goods is not limited in width, to the small size. The use of specialized vehicles and a team of skilled driver gave the company a solid reputation, providing assurance to customers.

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